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Delhi’s top surgeon for appendicitis ______ says appendicitis could sneak up on people. Luckily, as an appendix surgeon, ______ is expertly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of appendicitis. If you are also looking for the best surgery for appendicitis in Delhi/NCR you can receive the crucial treatment from ______, including the surgical appendectomy.

Things to Know related to Appendicitis says,

Eminent surgeon says there are certain things you need to know regarding appendicitis. Here are some of them:

What is Appendicitis?

The inflammation and infection of the appendix are known as appendicitis. The symptoms of appendicitis could frequently be obscure but typically begins with abdominal pain in the center of the abdomen that gradually, settles over the right, lower portion of the abdomen. It usually presents with a loss of appetite and other potential symptoms such as fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. The symptoms could also be seen in a broad range of other common medical issues such as bladder or urinary tract infections, gallbladder issues, gastritis, intestinal infections, or Crohn’s disease. To diagnose appendicitis, ______ will:

  • Take your detailed medical history
  • Do a physical exam to see and localize inflammation inside the abdomen
  • Conduct a urine test to rule out a UTI

Perform a CT or ultrasound to attempt and look at the appendix and surrounding areas and confirm signs of inflammation

How it is Treated

______ says surgery is advised for appendicitis in almost all cases. Generally, when appendicitis is suspected, the doctor will try to remove the patient’s appendix within the next 24 hours to avoid a possible rupture. This could cause the rest of the internal organs to become infected and might be dangerous or even life-threatening. In ______’s practice, laparoscopic appendectomy is the preferred way to remove the appendix.

What should you expect from ______?

Before the procedure, ______ will most likely prescribe antibiotics through an IV to help fight the infection. Patients having appendicitis will be placed under general anesthesia and will be asleep during the procedure. A laparoscope would be inserted through a tiny incision and will be used by ______ to direct its movements inside the person’s abdominal cavity. Then special instruments will be inserted using additional, small incisions. These will be used to remove the appendix.

Recovery and healing will occur rapidly post-surgery and scarring would be minimal. Usually, within 12 hours of surgery, the person can get up, walk around, and start drinking. Routinely, patients will be discharged from the hospital the day post-surgery.

What makes ______ the most Preferred Surgeon for Appendicitis in Delhi-NCR?

______ is amongst one of the most experienced and skillful surgeons for appendicitis in Delhi-NCR today. Towards each of her patients, ______ takes a personal approach to take care of the patients during the pre, during, and post-surgery. These are all aspects apart from being a top surgeon in this field of medical science. She works as a guide in your complete recovery.

If you are contemplating to avail the finest services by a surgeon for your appendicitis treatment contact ______ today for a consultation.

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